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War Eternal story instance issue.

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So to just jump right into the issue here, my regular gaming computer is currently away getting repaired.So I've finally settled in to try and work through the story on my older pc to complete the story. It runs ,it doesn't look pretty but it runs. So I get to the final boss in War eternal and finish every thing up and rightafter the light flashes and its suppose to go to the final scene with everyoneit freezes and I've tried just waiting it out and I've tried a few times to see if the first time was a fluke. It wasn't...

So I've reached the point where being a solo infrequent player is coming back to get me. I've no one really I can call on with alts who is on the same part of the story.If there is anyone out there that would like to be my anchor for the final story mission I'd be eternally grateful and would even be willing to offer a small reward. I am just really wanting to move forward with my skyscale collection and close the bookon this chapter of Living world.

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