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Lion's Arch loading stuck on "STATE_LOAD_MANIFEST" since August


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This only seems to be affecting a small portion of the community, but it's a horrible enough issue that i hope ANet will give it some attention.

Basically, since the August patch (quite literally overnight), Lion's Arch has been taking a ridiculous amount of time to load. It went from loading in 30-45 seconds to 4-7 minutes. It feels like it does nothing for the majority of that time, where the computer's "disk in use" light flickers slightly over the duration, then BAM, in the last 30 seconds it starts actually doing something, where you can see the disk in use light being much more active. -maploadinfo seems to confirm this. I've enclosed screenshots below:LGqznja.jpgStuck on STATE_LOAD_MANIFEST, 0% ModelLoadCompletionx9unL1H.jpgStill on same MapLoadState, more than 2 minutes in.cCcmIwH.jpgFinally begins loading, switches to STATE_MODELS_STREAM, and completes 30 seconds later.

All other maps load in 10-15 seconds, and i never see STATE_LOAD_MANIFEST on them. Only LA.This is terrrrible for doing Fractals.

I've deleted Local.dat, and my cache, with no effect. From other posts of seen on other sites, this is affecting people using older 32bit systems, but there's obviously no way i can be sure. As this all started after the August update, maybe there's a quick fix to be found? I really hope something can be done, anyway.Thanks.

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so i'm not the only one...i have same problem since mount preview patch when new ships and captain Kiel's office was added to LAgame stuck with STATE_LOAD_MANIFEST with 100% cpu load for about 5 minutes (my comp is about 10y old)https://imgur.com/b2MTqlQ

and there is more - almost all instances of old LA from personal story now is also affected by this:

  • Setting the Stage
  • Meeting my mentor (Durmand Priory)
  • On Red Alert (Durmand Priory)
  • Forewarned is Forearmed (Vigil)
  • Killing Fields (Vigil)
  • Retributionthere is the only one exclusion loading without stuck - Meeting my mentor (Vigil)i didn't check other

@LSD.4673 said:This is terrrrible for doing Fractals.I can recommend to buy Mistlock Sanctuary pass - there is another enter to fractals

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