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Dune Cloack Wrong tooltip/ Wrong Stacks+Duration

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After i saw it gave 3 Stacks of bleeding, i realized those bleeding stacks would be gone kind of fast. I did a test with Midnight signet and dune cloak as my only Condition duration improof and testet the actual duration via "combat chat" + timestopping.

Bleed did 5 potions of damage, which means it lasts between 5 and 6 seconds with 40% condition duration. I stoped time as bleed debuff disappeared at 5,7 seconds. This means the actual base duartion of Dune Cloak bleeding is 4 seconds ; 4*1,4 = 5,6 // fits experience.

In fact the Tooltip is really messy right now.

Real tooltip

Use Sand Shards when you gain Mirage Cloak. Conditions applied to bleeding foes have increased duration.Duration Increase: 20%

Sand ShardsStrike nearby foes, inflicting bleeding.Damage : 133 (50%)3 Bleeding (4sec)Number of Targets : 5Radius : 180

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