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Possible to change the merged soulbeast look?


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This is one of the biggest things I hate about soulbeast. The effect is so gaudy. As an asura I can barely even see my character under it. It's a Fashion Wars travesty that pushes you towards a brown/green dyed nature-y look because anything else seems out of place.

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@InsaneQR.7412 said:To cull it out should be an option, but personally I don't mind it.But I run arround with a twig sooo.Yeah it fits my salad head.

Same, I created another sylvari ranger to play Soulbeast for that reason! Fashion wars is endgame so one must choose one’s race and elite specs accordingly. ;) My human ranger remains core until there’s an elite that fits him thematically.

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@"EmmetOtter.8542" said:when soulbeast merged she gets a swirly green thing around her, like she's possessed by an evil spirit (spooky BOO!)

Your animal companion, actually. You're basically a nature lich housing the soul of your pet within yourself. It's pretty BA honestly. I like the aura.

For fashion wars get any of the glowing armor bits and dye the glow a simillar hue to the aura. Now you match the theme and have more freedom in actual dye selection for the non-glowy bits.

Or replace the glowy bits with say the blossoming mist shard armor crystals. Dye the crystals the appropriate color, go wild with the dye scheme. Thematically you still fit.

People act like if you're not a solid color it doesn't work. You don't dress like that IRL. It doesn't look good in game either.

! inb4 some clown with a special ed dye scheme "but my crystals match :DDDD"

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