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WvW is now unplayable.... cannot buy mount without expansions.

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I find gliders a bigger problem than mounts when trying to get somebody new into WvW and you need HoT for that. There is nothing they can do if you're gliding into dawn's from spawn.

Both are a huge problem when you are getting a friend or sibling to try the game but they can't keep up with the group and get ganked or they jump off a cliff not knowing they are the only one that can't glide. Never mind the fact they will struggle to get a spot in a proper party on core classes.

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I almost hate to say this but seriously, the rest of us paid and paid again and did all the grinding. Sorry but it’s part of keeping the game makers in business, as well as being fair to the thousan

Just getting back into the game. I cannot afford any expansions, and I want to play WvW, which is one of my all time favorite game modes. I cannot keep up to my group without a mount. This game is now

Clearly understand that because I had the same experience.  You can't keep up on foot and the enemy players will just pick you off like cowards the moment you get isolated.  What I don't understand is

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