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Skyscale canopy needs to be based on where you mounted. Not where you last touched the ground.

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Air Rescue mastery might as well not even exist as anytime you use your Skyscale mid-air after doing anything involving movement that's mastery or mount related besides basic glider use such as updrafts, Ley-line gliding, Oakheart's Essence, Bouncing Mushrooms, Thermal tubes, Bond of Faith, or even one of the Skyscale's own masteries, Wall Launch ends with you plummeting because of that red-meter build-up. Nobody is asking to be able to fly with the Skyscale indefinitely by itself. But we shouldn't be punished for trying to combo the Skyscale with other mounts and masteries.

In most cases, the Skyscale is essentially a Gliderspringer with a small bit of wall climbing (small due to canopy which drains your flight meter faster) and a dash. Anytime where Air Rescue would screw me over, I am forced to default to using my Griffon instead just to stay airborne. I can at least use my Skyscale to gain some initial height, but after that, I might as well forget the mount even exists until the next time I DECIDE to touch the ground assuming I choose to do so.

In its current state, Skyscale isn't as rewarding as we thought it was going to be. We all knew about the canopy. We all knew it wasn't going to be that flying camera with a character model BS in WoW/XIV. Not all of us, but a lot of us thought that we would be able to not replace the Springer, but combo it with the Skyscale via Springer into Bond of Faith into Skyscale to get more starting height which sounds epic until you actually try it and crash like a rock.

If you think this change would be too powerful, remember... Griffons can fly faster anywhere. And there are already options on every map that enable us to do that. Things like the Thermal tubes that launch you almost all the way to the map's ceiling in Dragonfall where you can literally see everything. And fly to everything and anything within seconds. And it doesn't take much time to get to said tube with a roller beetle.

The whole point of this post is up until now, all previous mounts and masteries have had synergies with one another. Now we have this Skyscale that behaves as though it wants to be used exclusively on its own.

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