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[VIDEO] Skyscale Ascending the Durmand Priory

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I have found my favorite thing about the Skyscale: CLIMBING! The Skyscale offers the ability to use strategy to get higher, much like a rock climber. In the recent Guild Chat, Joel Helmich mentioned that if the Skyscale could just go straight to the top of the Durmand Priory it might be considered broken. However, I couldn't just go straight up. I had to pick my ledges very carefully. I haven't had this much fun with a mount in a long time. I don't consider the Skyscale broken. I think its reasonably balanced and by it not being able to fly forever and anywhere it makes for some fun structure climbing. I really hope some challenges similar to this get put in the game!

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I would like to see people start breaking geometry with them ... where can you get stuck and fall 'under' the landscape ... just a interesting trifle. The interesting part of the whole mount question was that people who supported the idea would always deny that it would trivialize certain aspects of getting places ... man were they ever wrong.

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Now, that was fun! But only proved to me how clunky the mount is to handle with its energy management etc.

xrEf1Tx.jpgGalen: "Good girl." (throws fish)Skyscale: (munching)

HjIu928.jpgSkyscale: "Burp..."

P.S. I call it a tower because I believe that mountain peak harbors secret rooms we have not seen yet. ;) It might even be magically cloaked!

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