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SUGGESTION: Allow Use Of Dyes On Backpack

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It'd be awesome if we could have the ability to dye our backpacks since we can already dye the glider color. Everything in mis-matched since my glider is black and silver, yet the matching backpack is a whole different color.

Please support this idea if you like it. ^^

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Here's a current dev explaining in September 2018 why we won't get dyeable weaponsLinsey Murdock wrote:There are trade offs we had to make in order to have a trading post and in order to further our technology on weapons themselves (like crazy animating stuff). We made that choice years before GW2 shipped. Along with cutting variable stats and GW1 style customization. Dyeable weapons is not even a topic of conversation, let alone being on the table. Yes, we can create technology to allow us to do things we could not have previously done but I don't see this being one of those things. In fact, we have probably even crossed the line of it being possible with all the crazy stuff we have done on weapons since ship. That is not even assessing the gross amount of work that would be required to update the hundreds of existing weapon skins, and that alone would probably make such a project out of scope.

[Q] I don't even want that all existing weapons are getting updated - More like just some new weapons, but it seems even that won't be really possible then I guess.
It's really not about the existing weapons, it's about the tech to do the dye system on weapons itself being incompatible with the tech we built the game on in order to have a trading post, animating weapons, etc.


A fundamental decision made nearly a decade ago, not a decision that is being continuously made and we just keep choosing no dye on weapons. It's the kind of decision you make at such a fundamental level that you don't get to change your mind a decade later and undo it. That's why it isn't even a topic of conversation here.

And finally

All those ascended weapons in different colors also have geometry differences. We have never done simple color shifts. The team that works on weapons has a rule against it.

Here's a former dev explaining why we can't dye weapons and aren't likely to ever be able to

...the decision to dye armor but not weapons was a design one (in the sense we chose to do it, not that there were insurmountable technical issues), and made pretty early.
  • We wanted a much richer dye system for GW2 than we had in GW1.
  • This would require some changes to the way that the source art was authored, which increased the complexity (and thus time) of doing so.
  • That additional complexity pays off best for armor, which is more visible on-screen than weapons generally are,
  • and so (I think) it was decided that we wouldn't bother authoring dye support into the weapon art.
  • Eventually this decision would have led to code changes or optimization relying on that assumption, and we arrive at where we are today.

As with all things, it could be made possible to dye weapons with sufficient code and art resources sunk into it. But
it would be a nontrivial undertaking
(and probably a non-trivial patch download!) to
re-author all the existing source art with appropriate metadata for dye channels.

(text is verbatim; emphasis and bullet points are mine)

tl;dr It's only "possible" in a theoretical sense

  • They decided long before launch that there wasn't enough bang for the buck (effort|time) to dye weapons.
  • The existing game depends on that decision, so changing it would mean re-rendering every single weapon in the game (whether dyeable or not), plus additional QA to make sure weapons work properly with extra 'metadata'.

For what it's worth, a few of the past requests from the old forums

And some from the new forums:

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:Well, that's kind of their boilerplate response to a lot of requests.The Devs have explained why we can't dye backbacks and/or weapons. The CS Team would be well-served to use that explanation as the boilerplate response, imo. /shrug

Yeah, it would've been helpful had they replied to the ticket with an answer saying that this has already been discussed instead of telling me to post here. Still, thanks for the informative replies. No need for rudeness like some people replied with, when I was doing what I was told to do by support.

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@Xero.8391 said:Yeah, it would've been helpful had they replied to the ticket with an answer saying that this has already been discussed instead of telling me to post here.

I don't think Support can do that, even though it would be helpful

  • It's not their job to dissuade fans from offering suggestions or posting about what they want.
  • They can't possibly have the time to be familiar with what has or hasn't been discussed. (There are forum regulars who wouldn't necessarily know either.)

At most, I could see them saying something like...

The game doesn't offer that feature. Developers do welcome fan suggestions and read the forum, so you could make the request there. If you prefer, you can search the forums to see if anyone has already done so.

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