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Musical instruments [suggestion]

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Have some gameplay that requires the usage of musical instruments. Example - needed to open a door, different tunes would open different doors. Ex. 2 - play a tune to sedate a champion to gain an advantage. Ex. 3 - play a tune to gain a buff or cause a debuff. Ex. 4. - play a tune to de-aggro nearby foes.Each instrument could have tunes that play out using a single key from a selection selectable tuned and while also having a manual tune playing capability.

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I say no to using novelty instruments for such things. It would force ppl to get it (p2w). Besides not everyone plays with sound and its a complicated mechanic to execute.

On another note... there does exist a few like this in game already. Caledon underwater organ (to open a chest) and a heart (optional) and mastery point in Thunderhead Keep. Idk if the organ in Ebonhawke also has a sidefunction.

Almost forgot... Wintersday festival has a choir bell activity too.

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I would echo the previous sentiments. Unless the item in question is freely available, such as a quest or collection reward, this locks content and/or prizes behind Gem Store items, which is a big no-no.

There is such an item. The Magic Flute "skill" in Super Adventure Box does exactly what is proposed, but only within the Box.

They could implement a similar feature, but this raises another problem: it directly conflicts with the Mount systems. We already have two quest-reward "tools" designed specifically to "open secret door", the Jackal and the Rollerbeetle. Adding another function item to unlock would be incredibly redundant.

Tying some secret doors to certain emotes, however, answers both of these problems, and has existing precedent across both GW1 and GW2. I would suggest they implement more of that, instead... which can and should include using new/old emotes, such as the air guitar "/guitar".

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