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[EU][PvE] Guild of Adventure [GoA] - Social Guild looking for fellow adventurers!


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[EU Social guild]

Who are we? We're the Guild of Adventure, a bunch of adventurers exploring Tyria in search of adventures, fun, and challenges. We're an active community with representation in GW2, ESO and a few other games. Our GW2 membership currently stands at 200 active members. Inactives are cleared out from time to time, so the bulk are active. Our focus is to enjoy the game within a community of friends, and don't require members to represent the guild (it's very welcome though!). We have an active Discord with chat channels and various info (like news / events list) too, though atm its voice comm is mainly used during events or guild groups.We also have a guild hall, currently level 56, with almost all services unlocked, and were actively working on getting the rest too!

What do we do? We do weekly raid training on Sundays (18:30 GMT+0), a Dungeon run on Saturdays (16:00 GMT+0) and guild missions Saturdays as well (19:00 GMT+0) and are looking to set up more regular guild events! There are also groups doing fractals of all tiers or just a good old dungeon. It's always more fun do do group content with guildies who know what to do and will patiently explain mechanics if required instead of rage quitting after one wipe :)

Our conduct: We're not pros. We have players with heaps of experience, who have every Fractal or Raid achievement there is, and we have players who bought the game last weekend. We teach and learn from each other, but we don't tolerate verbal abuse of a DD who died in the red, or a heal whose healing was a bit below par. When we have a bone to pick with a DD who arrives in a t4 fractal with WvW gear and 4k DPS, we discuss it in a mature and civil way; we don't scream, shout, throw blame or mud.

Timezones: Most of our events are at the weekend starting between 16h00-20h00 time of the day, GMT (GMT+0, European GW2 server time). There are exceptions, but that's when most of our members are online.

How to join?Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/4m8XxqgOr contact one of our officers through ingame mail:Atoom.6107chimra.5460StealthHunter.8426Or send a message here below this very post :)

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