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Veteran Raid Healer PvE/PvX [NA] EST Late-night

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I've Raided WoW, Rift & Wildstar and decided to give GW2 a shot mainly because the Druid's Boon Support Healer (and other variants) play style looked like fun. I am working on Thorns/Fire content currently and got my first taste of Fractals and looking forward to that grind (and raiding) for sure. I mainly play around 9pm-2am EST and am open to any Guild on any server (I'm on Sanctum of Rall). I have a lot to learn but I also think I will have a lot to offer once I learn how to GW2. My only request is that if you want me to join in your guild you at least make some use of me (besides farming guild xp). I have 92% Map completion for 1 character, most of the dungeon's story modes done, 4 levels of T1 Fractals (only 1 run) a little WvW xp and 0 GW2 Raiding xp but I want in. If you would like to adopt a noob case such as this in the hopes of unearthing an awesome, reliable, semi-hardcore healer (will also class/gear other healers in time) feel free to open up some dialog!

Thanks for your time and considerations!Sky Divide

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