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Devs, please consider this improvement to skyscale's flight model

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So, first of all, yes, I know there's next to no chance of the devs changing already polished skyscale, but they listened to us with the timegates, so one can always pray.Skyscale is fun, no doubt there, but it's sort of... useless, in most cases. Gryf is faster and springer goes highter. So, how to rework it so that people would love it, and maybe prefer over griffon? My suggestion is this:

Edit skyscale's flight model so that it would have max achievable height absolute to the ground directly below it. What do i mean? Example: When you go up, you could reach certain maximum height as you can now, but when you move forward, it won't deplete. Wait, it's not as broken as it sounds. If you flew from the cliff, you'd get "overloaded" like now when dashing upwards, and start descending slowly, just like now, until again dropping to the max height from the ground currently below you. On the other hand, if you were flying in a line and there was a hill rising below you, your "flight juice" (the blue bar) would get partially replenished so that you could rise with the hill. (Suggestion: this would work only if the ground is walkable by player on foot, et. not too steep, so that you couldn't fly out of a map. However, not necessary because this can still be achieved with springer, so invisible walls into action here.) Everything else, like dashing up, climbing mechanics etc. keep the same.

So, what lead me to this suggestion? We already have a descending mount, the griffon. There, it makes sense due to it's flap wings mechanic. Right now, if you go directly forward, skyscale and griffon are literally the same. If you did what I'm suggesting, nothing would get broken, you just wouldn't have to go through that "descend-land-fly up again" (Which is very annoying and feels extremely restraining, watching that blue bar go away)You'd still use griffon for jumping off ledges, but to just fly around, skyscale would be perfect. And be honest, how fun does sound soaring infinitely above the ground, looking down at people running around? (Oh my god, I can't get the idea out of my head now, and I swear, if they really implement it, I'll be in utter bliss)Any Anet officials, pretty pretty please, at least forward this to the team behind the skyscale so that they could at least consider it. And other players, what do you think about this? Would you like what I'm suggesting or you disagree? Don't hesitate to post your thoughts on this. :)


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Are you suggesting it should be just a big skimmer with wings? No thanks, Skyscale is perfect as it is with it's unique handling and characteristics. Taking off surfaces and going up is amazing. Try flying throught some caves/tunnels and then soar up to the skies from the exit. Feels amazing! I love its slow speed compared to griffon, i can fly and enjoy surroundings at same time. I have noticed lots of new things which i haven't seen while "flying" griffon.

And comparing these two: Griffon is for going down and fast and Skyscale is for going up.

And Skyscale goes higher than springer without even breaking sweat..

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