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Skyscales hovering overhead is kind of annoying

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@Shep.4026 said:

@"SmirkDog.3160" said:I love that OP said something is visually annoying (which I understand) and everyone's just like "ooh you must be jealous, ooh if you work hard too you can get one" as if everyone must desire one and they're obviously jealous of you. Get over yourselves.

If you work hard for something, you earn the right to show it off, especially if that's the main reason for earning it in the first place. Therefore, anyone who didn't put in the work to get it, for whatever reason, has no right to not like it. Hence any negative comment on the matter obviously being rooted in jealousy. Flawless logic at its best.


You did not cover 'I did not get it because I do not like it' in that so the argument does have a flaw.

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:I know I may be odd, but I just move a few steps when Skyscales are above me. /shrug

What inclupatus said.

The spinning trees that were really popular a few years ago would literally make me seasick. I'd have to run a few paces away. I know, I know...ridiculous, but for some reason that's happened to me when I saw them. :D

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I find the flapping and dust up kind of annoying, too, and will be more than happy to inflict it on others when I eventually get my skyscale, however my biggest gripe so far with the skyscale model was during the Festival of the Four Winds coin bag hunt (Treasure Hunt? ) event. I prefer to use the aspect skills that the Lab Cliffs introduced well before mounts, and trying to see the bundles and landing points with several flapping skyscale models obscuring them (this is even with Lowest model numbers setting) is rather difficult and often maddening. I'd love to see an option to just disable ALL player AND mount models, rendering them both down to little motes of light like we have in Southsun Survival after you get murdered enough times.

I have almost all the skins (other than the Skyscale skins) that have been released, so I'm well aware of the personal satisfaction you can get from riding your favorite mount skin (you know what I mean), but sometimes one just doesn't want ANY of that annoying clutter. I see no reason beyond ANet's bottom line (if that would even be affected) not to give players a means to just shut off all the player/mount models and still allow for max settings. Just think how peaceful it would be with all those shiny motes flitting around amidst the ultra setting graphical scenery? Ahh...so nice. I just want peace and harmony, man. Don't make me angry.

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