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Crafting Legendary for Gold?

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Never got the interest for Legendary but i do a lot farming for gold (mainly general stuff and gold to gems conversion) and always been wondering if the Gen 1 Legendary Weapons would still be a very good "Gold per Hour" improvement to attempt to farm the mats for then crafting it and selling that said legendary, perhaps maybe even the possibility avoiding the BLT tax by using gw2 exchange...

Would it be a good change of farming for gold in comparison to the usual methods? (leather , flax , RIBA , LW4 meta train,etc...)How much "Gold per Hour" in comparison to other farms would you give to this farm if successfully sell the weapon?Which Legendary s would be the ones in higher demand to buy from other players?

pd: have tried other types of gold2craft items that really give a profit but dislike of always getting undercut or taking ages to sell on BLT except ascended mats...

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Start with either GW2 Efficiency or GW2 BLTC. Compare the sell cost of materials to the sell value of the legendary.

For example: Bolt (GW2/E ... GW2 BLTC). For each, you have to click different buttons to ensure you're looking at buying Zap (not collecting for it). You use the "sell" values of the materials because that represents your opportunity cost: mats you already own can be sold directly, without putting them together into a legendary.

Roughly speaking, Bolt will sell at ~2550g and cost 1460g worth of mats (including the buy-offer purchase of Zap), resulting in a profit of ~700g.

If you already have all the mats, the Gift of Battle, the Gift of Exploration, then it will likely take at most 2 hours to craft, or a profit of 350g per hour at worst. In contrast, if you don't have the GoB, then that adds 6+ hours, leaving you with still over 40g/hour.

If you lack the GoE, then you have to account for how long it takes you to complete 25 open world and six city maps. If you can complete each in 10 minutes, that also adds 6+ hours. If you're more like me and need 30 minutes minimum, that's 19+ more hours, which would put your net gold-per-hour below Dragonfall and Silverwastes.

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FYI you can see why people are willing to pay 400-600 gold on the gray market to those with Gifts of Exploration/Battle. They take the responsibility of gathering the mats and the primary risk of pricing. The "buyer" and "seller" split the profits, with the Gift-seller getting a flat rate and the Gift-purchaser getting whatever remains.

(That typically turns out to be 60-70% of the profits, because the Gift-purchaser also acquires the precursors on the gray market, so their costs are a bit lower than shown on the website. Which seems fair to me: they take nearly all of the risks.)

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I have sold three and its only worth the time if you have the stuff already. Don't forget you'll need some crafting leveled too...the gift of lightning for Bolt for example. And dungeon currencies.

I basically only do it on my alt account when she has the account bound stuff. Working very gradually on another map comp. Basically she does at least a heart in each map of the daily and slowly gets there. When she hits about 75% of a map I get impatient for a chance at a bl key and finish it.

Superstition: I RARELY get a key if I have a chest in my inventory. I've taken to storing them.

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