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Skyscale climbed to the very top of Tarir! (Introducing sport "mountain sky-scaling)

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So, the devs thought that if they put that red bar and stopping skill reacharge while attached to walls restrains, it would keep us from reaching places... Well, no! This is the proof that it's completely useless and can be removed without a second thought. It took some attempts, as skyscale can't attach to invisible walls, but in the end, I sky-scaled Luminate's throne in Auric Basin and got to possibly one of the hightest point in game! Note: No bugs, glitches etc. were used, anyone can do this if they have a bit of patience!

https://imgur.com/a/NK35RXq(tree in the top-right of the second image is the top of the tree in the center of tarir, i'm slightly south of luminate's throne)

Next stop, top of the tree in dragon's stand! :D

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