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-[Spoilers]- The dragon's family situation...


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So is Kralk a great grandfather now? Am I an adoptive, grandparent? The Skyscale are literally a new species that are a cross of dragon and the mists which for all I know could mean Aurene with some of Balthazar energy embraced her magic capabilities and created the new species. There isn't anything that suggests, nor proves otherwise. To even support the theory, I think they have Aurene's dragon running animation due to their likeness as dragon relativity. I assume their other likeness is supposed to be of Warclaw due to the mention of Mists and their horns.

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The Skyscales are born from the Mists using Kralkatorrik as a template due to his rampages - not Aurene, according to the last Guild Chat.

They're basically akin to Razah, who was similarly born a full adult with no real common sense from the Mists based off of a human template.

I wouldn't consider Kralkatorrik to be their sire as such, since they're technically a different species all together. The reason they have Aurene's running animation is because both are based off of the griffon, and Aurene's animations were updated with Skyscale animations for War Eternal.

The Warclaw is something else entirely - it's a spiritual construct formed from magical armor that was duplicated by the Mists (akin to Fractals). It's not a living being. The horns are also very different designs, despite people constantly relating them.

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