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Akili Event Bugged

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The one achievement collection of LWS4 that I didn't do ahead of time and of course its the one that's bugged. It's kind of funny too some of the bugs they've fixed since recent patch and yet this one is literally BLOCKING PROGRESS TO AN ACHIEVEMENT THAT IS ALSO REQUIRED FOR A LEGENDARY ITEM COLLECTION!

Honestly if the issue is that they're having trouble fixing it then at least implement a workaround or let us submit a support ticket to have our progress advanced without doing the event.

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Incase you haven't managed to find a fix for this, I believe the source of the problem may be the new rift you input. The path runs across Akili's path and across the Scholar's path. Neither of which have a valid mastery for the collection of magic. Something most people got a long time ago. Sadly for the Scholar and for Akili, unless you give it to them, they can't ever collect Volatile Magic, lol.

I imagine this would manifest into what you're seeing. The scholar being knocked back and super healing as nobody can attack it to staunch regeneration. The mob isn't agro'd so it can't be killed. Akili looks like he's entering into a loop, probably because at this stage in the quest he probably doesn't have a health bar to speak of. I also imagine that the volatile magic would always exist to them once it's been spawned in. Collection only removes the node for the player from his or her field of view.

Suggested fix might be to change the course of the volatile magic so it doesn't intersect Akili's route any more, maybe take the trail north on a winding path, instead. And, of course, to adjust the Scholar's path so it no long strays across the volatile magic anymore. Or maybe add some code so that neither of them acknowledges the Volatile Magic at all.

You can actually see the point where Akili clashes with the rift course. Under the arch. The next steps he takes after clashing are him phsaing back to the last safe checkpoint he made. The 3rd node from the end of the rift course is the one that's wiping the scholar out. If you activate the rift and let it run its course, then analyse it, you can actually see it happening.

Hope this helps, Odd.

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@Tuna Bandit.3786 said:That makes it even worse. It was a known bug? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?!?!

Sorry but sheer outrage is what I feel now, all those people dedicating their time and Anet knew about this bug for a long time already?!?

Actually, I think I misspoke. Pretty sure I remember this event being bugged a long time ago, but that might have been a different issue, as people are claiming this event was being farmed a lot before now.

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Wow @Oddball.3501 I think you've just done their job for them...never even thought about the introduction of the voids / VM tracks.

Can we at least have this acknowledged by someone as an issue that you are working on? I don't mind waiting and finishing up other required items (Gift of Battle etc) just so long as a resolution is coming.

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Did the same test after seeing the video, in 3 different instances, effect is the same all over.

Frustrating to just sit there waiting for Anet to fix it, so we can finally move on... and then knowing that the day they fix it, we still have to wait around another reset to complete it...

I think we waited long enough.

A quick fix to help us at least move forward is in place.

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