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Suggestion: Keybind to mute and unmute in-game music

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I'm the type of player that likes to listen to my own music of choice. However when I'm doing stories I would like to be able to toggle on the in-game music and listen to it instead. Currently with how my game is setup the cutscenes and speeches are very anticlimactic when its only the in-game sounds but no music. Having to open up the menu to slide the music volume around is quite tedious and immersion breaking while it also takes away my focus from the story. A keybind to be able to toggle volume off and on would be a fantastic QoL change.

Edit: While we're discussing audio, a volume slider for cutscenes would be fantastic. Currently for me the audio for cutscenes are quite low and I have to turn up my windows audio to get it to a decent level. All the other volumes are perfect and at the level that I want but cutscenes themselves are very hard for me to hear clearly and I can't do anything about it.

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