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PvP issues that should be addressed when the next Expansion is Released!

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1) Players should be given dishonor when they go idle during a match for 20-30 seconds or more (and have a repeat pattern of doing this in Ranked matches). Now there is already dishonor awarded when players disconnect from a PvP match, but players that tend to either rage or AFK should not benefit from other players that are actively trying to win a match.

There is nothing more discouraging to have teammates be assigned to your team by the match making system that repeatedly AFK and there is no penalty to those players that have a repeated pattern across multiple games for doing this.

I encountered too many players that literally gave up after losing the first fight in a match. Although it is extremely hard to come back from a win when the team is down 150 points, it is possible. Playing a match until it is over should be encouraged and perhaps more Pips should be awarded to the losing team when they come back to within 100 points.

2) Please update the match making system or how players gain rating experience when climbing the ladder. Once a player reaches platinium, a player is faced with the following choices : to either start playing minimal games to maintain their current ladder ranking or continue to play despite the risk of receiving a loss being greater than the reward for winning a game.

The current ladder system discourages high rated players to keep playing all season long and forces them to play on alternate accounts to continue playing PvP without putting their top 100 rank at risk.

Perhaps the ladder decay rate should occur more frequently for high level players or the minimal games a player is required to play a season should be raised from 120 to 200 matches.

3). All alternate accounts should be linked together so that players cannot smurph the system as easily.

What is happening now on North America's server, is that once the top 5 players reach their desired level, they jump on alternate accounts for the remainder of the season to prevent other players from obtaining a top 20 spot. Not only do these players have an artificial rating much lower due to playing fewer games, the players they beat will receive a greater rating loss when facing other higher rated players.

If all alternate accounts were linked under 1 commonly used IP address, it would be harder for those top players to stop other players from climbing the ladder.

4) Botting used to be a big problem in season 15 and previous seasons. Interesting enough, I did not encounter any obvious botting during season 16. I wish ANET made it more public about the number of accounts that are either temporarily or permanently banned from playing Ranked matches and the reasons for why those accounts were banned. Of course, don't make the actual names of which accounts were banned public, only the number of accounts temporarily or permanently banned.

With the new titles that are supposed to be coming in Season 17, I fear that match manipulating will occur more frequently as players try to intentionally cheat players for a higher rating. I believe if ANET marketing was more vocal about how they monitor accounts and repeat offenders the gaming community will improve over time.

I hope the next expansion will have more PvP content and WorldvsWorld content. I know the alliances system is coming for World vs World, but perhaps some of the PvP problems that I have mentioned could be addressed when the next Guild Wars 2 expansion is released.

5) At a bare minimum, we desperately need Guild vs Guild 5vs5 Ranked matches that utilize the same amulet/rune system that is used in PvP, but would be completely separate from the current solo/duo Ranked system.

I remember the original Guild Wars 1 Ranked ladder for GvsG and really hope that we will eventually have something similar that we can call Guild vs Guild PvP in Guild Wars 2 :)

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I have so much to add and comment on, but so little motivation to add it.

I wish I could say: "Anet, it's 17 seasons in. Prove you're listening/willing to adapt/improve. It's been more of the same for 11 seasons."

I don't think it will, so I'm not going to go on at length. (The forums, for the most part, are filled with trolls who want to see the world or a particular class burn, anyways, so good luck with the conversation)

But this is why I don't even know if it's worth it: The game is in an OK spot balance wise, but still, the top-tier player base slowly is departing or sunsetting their playtime (myself included) because nothing is fresh and little has changed. Also, there are no in-game teaching mechanisms, so I see people to this day who think wearing certain pieces of armor doesn't matter, or what pedestal you're on means how well you did, or some other uninformed thing. Having been around for so long, few people have the patience to try to undelude people, as the game mode naturally promotes the mindset that "I'm the best, I did no wrong, my teammates suck, look, I got a badge to reinforce this incorrect mindset!"

I'm usually on Anet's side, but I'm just slowly losing interest in the game mode. I didn't participate in this season, and I'm not sure I'll participate next season either.

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Honestly the biggest problem is the balance teams unwillingness to accept when they made a mistake. So when they buff something to the point of it being OP, instead of reverting bad changes they end up randomly nerfing something else that has absolutely nothing to do with the core problem as a way to try and cover up their mistakes.

So many problems with Warrior could be fixed by reverting buffs to rampageMost problems with Mesmer could be fixed by reverting/reworking the phantasm changesMany problems with Holo could be fixed by reverting Elixer UMany problems with Rev could be fixed by reverting sword 4

Same with every other class. Everything has something that was an unnecessary change that made the game overall worse.

Second biggest problem would be interactivity. This has gotten slightly better, but there are still a few cheese builds that either instagib using skills with minimal cast time/ animation or have long lasting defenses that can be used at the same time as offense. Skill casts and animations still have yet to fully ever receive a proper balance pass.

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