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Profession Decision Issue (answered)

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Been playing for a few weeks now, just testing all classes from level 40ish to 80.

I like thief best...unfortunately, I have died at least x4 times more on thief than all other professions combined. I spend alot of time trying to figure out "how did I die this time". It seems the initiative system is not good. 2 skills and i have no initiative. So I have to get better at running away I and forgetting about completing some content. lol

I often find myself in a situation I think is impossible, getting smashed on my thief, then coming back with my NECRO, hitting the autoattack once and my minions destroy what I found to be super tough on my thief............

But necro is not fun for me. It is clearly far, FAAAAARRRRR , more powerful than any profession, but I see nothing but a nerf in its future it is so incredibly great, boring...but great.

I can use metabattle and figure gear out, but the question is this: If you like how a class plays, will you simply stick it out and figure it out, or accept its weakness no matter the cost?


Edit: sticking with it, thx. got the trait now that gives you a little heal on a crit. need to bump up precision, but its workable now. o/

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Stick to thief if you like it. Thief is actually really nice for surviveability because you have a trait that heals you for 20% of the damage you make. I can help you with the thief i main it since day 1 (im eu though and its really late here so ill be on tomorrow again)

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I main a tempest (elementalist), which can be 'hard work'. I've alted every class to cap, and all are nice, but I keep coming back to my tempest because I enjoy it most.Guess what I'm saying is that you should stick to what you find most fun, number one. We're gaming here, not share cropping. Fun or bust.My thief is squishy af too though, so I'll leave any actually useful posting to those who know.

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  • Don't compare your beloved class with necro unless you main one or into them. It is certain that necro is at the peak of most solo OW but to be honest you (me aswell) feel no achievement while doing so. I once had so much troubles with thief, took me a whole full year to master and it was worth it. Now i'm confidence that everything my necro can so is my thief, ofc it's not at the level of being lazy or a god but with joys and challenges.
  • Take what others has recommended, trait into Invigorating Precision and heal as you deal damages. What i did back then was using signet of malice so i can focus on the fight and healing as the same time while doing so, not worries about heal button and panic when it on cd, things went wrong sometimes and i died but got right back to it, run and reset the fight.
  • I suggest make yourself marauder gears, it works perfectly on thief, have p/p setup as back up because unload provides like instant 25 might and able to heal nearly ~30% in just one push, don't feel ashame of this playstye cause that's how you survive, have S/P and spam sword #3 to heal while evading. Your dps out put won't be good but as long as you're alive so what ?.
  • If you have access to DD and DE that's even better, DD staff can do a lot of cleaves, more target hit is more heal, DE will gives you perma fury, regen, vigor, swiftness and 50% uptime protection so with one unload you won't be needing that heal skill anymore (if it hits the target ofc :p).
  • One more option is using rune of vampirism, you lose more damg but able to heal 10% each time something is killed either by you or those you tagged and killed by other players, 10% here is your total HP so it heal more with marauder but i think berserker is perfectly fine.

Cheers <3

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Okay, I have the same feeling although I don't die at all with my thief (currently level 62).I hate MM necros, not fun at all but I enjoy a bit necro without minions.

Back to thief, you have to play hit and run.If you die a lot, keep shadow refuge as 3rd utility and stay inside until animation disappears before leaving circle.I recommend take critical strikes first with Invigorating Precision, it's really a game changer.

As a thief, you die quickly. So I always kill ranged target first while kiting melee with caltrops or a shadow step utility.There is always that moment where you get exhausted and Invigorating Precision might not save you. There, shadow refuge is your life saver.

Always keep signet of agility in your utilities. Its passive is great synergy with IP (life saver) and its active is just as good. Thief low life makes conditions lethal and some monsters are good at spamming burning. Signet will clean it necessary. And 100 endurance is great, especially when solo champions.

About weapons:Pistol / pistol is the safest set, skill 3 is great and enough to destroy everything. Learn to line up your foes by moving so every bullets hit to get your initiative refund. Admittedly, It might become boring after time.

Dagger/dagger is great but more difficult to use. Skill 3 is perfect to solo champion.With pratice, it is fun to play hit and run backstabber althrough in my experience, it happens that stealth might fail when melee with dagger 5. I also love to empty my initiative with dagger 4, works vs melee foes running at you (you want at least 2 targets for bouncing effect, too weak otherwise).

Sword is great but difficult to use without dying. Some will say "abuse pistol 5" but I don't like it, not fun, feels like cheating. I do use it, but more to combo with dagger 2.I prefer to play sword/dagger. I'm trying to master sword 2 and 3 along with steal and shadow step.When I do it perfectly (like 20% of tries), I can decimate 5 melee targets without beeing hit at all. It is very fun and satisfying (thief way) but very hard to play well IMO.

Finally there is shortbow but I never use it. Sure skill 5 is nice but it requires a lot of efforts to make it working. Between no valid path or too short range...

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warrior masterrace

-high health-high armor-high mobiliy-high sustain-high damage-high support-high demand

you can't go wrong on a well played warrior.

regarding thief, you can't get hit if you evade, stealth, blind or simply one-shot the foe

early level thief is squishy as fok, because they are more gear dependend then other classes, your defense comes from your offense

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