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Supreme Rune of Holding - Please add new source


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Anet, I understand wanting to make things unique for the Ecto + Gold Sink games. But why did you gate bigger bags behind this? Wiki says you can get the Lucky Roll from all three types, however testing has only proven to show the 250 Ecto + 100 Gold sink to provide the Lucky Roll with the Supreme Rune of Holding.

Again, why did you gate bigger bags behind this gold sink when the bags aren't even sellable to other players? Sure the rune is sellable, but the bag itself is not.

People who pull a Lucky Roll don't even get their monies worth back when selling the Supreme Rune of Holding as the most it's ever sold for in a consistent sell out is 12-18 gold. Only chance they get their money's worth is if they pull the 5 Supreme Runes of Holding.

Would it be possible to add a new source to obtain the Supreme Rune of Holding? Perhaps 1,000 Casino Coins for 1 Supreme Rune of Holding? I really don't care for any of the prizes on the Casino Coin vendor so adding the Supreme Rune of Holding would give me a reason to collect the coins and kill the Choya Pinata.

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@Oglaf.1074 said:The way the decided to add the bigger bags to the game was a huge mistake, pure and simple. 200-300+ gold for one bag? Get real, Anet!

They want to discourage most players from getting bigger bags so they will still purchase extra inventory space from the gemstore.

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