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Possible new elite specializations

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Everyone wants new elite specializations. However, we don't know if ANET will introduce any. What we know is that they are expansion specific content and that ANET said they are not afraid of releasing expansion specific content in the living seasons. This doesn't mean that they will or will not release elite specs in LW but its a possibility.

However, I am a little concerned about some possible mistakes that can occur with possible future development of these especs. Most professions are good at some things and bad at other. Few examples are DPS in raids, Healing/Support in raids, DPS in WvW squads, Healing/Support in WvW squads and all the viable and non viable builds in PvP. Some professions perform better than others in different aspects of the game and some are even very narrow niche that are used only for a specific reason. This means that we are currently using professions as a matter of viability and not as a matter of playstyle. I am not saying that a warrior should perform as a main healer of a raid but this profession like all others have "holes". Some professions have more than others and with the possible future release of any especs these "holes" should be filled. Thieves, Rangers barely find (if at all) any spots in dedicated WvW squads - they are instantly kicked or put in a meaningless group without heal/support. PvP scene is absolute nightmare where Thieves, Mesmers, Eles and Rangers (especially in higher ranks) are a niche thing (good at something and bad at many things) and are completely dominated by the meta and more viable professions. Raids has its best dps professions, best healer and best tank. In such elitist game mode commanders demands top dps in their squads and it is harder for some professions to find their spot.

So, I would like to ask ANET, with the possible release of the 3rd especs, please, try to fill these "holes" and make the gameplay with specific profession a matter of playstyle and not a matter of viability.

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