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Add rose quartz to the Istan reward track


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@"Voltekka.2375" said:"i wanna craft a 1500g item, but 69g is TOO MUCH".Yeah.

Just ignoring that the weapons existed in their form before there was Vision or the new mount, hm?

Apart from that the total gold is misleading as you usually have something in your chest. If I had the precursor, all I'd need is 100 Icy Runestones, 5 mystic coins, and 25 Amalgamated Gemstones and I'd be done. Since I get the gemstones and the coins from just playing WvW, I'll be down to 100 gold for the Icy Runestones which MUST be bought. So 100 vs 69 for crap is indeed too much - and I did not even figure in the insane amount of Ecto needed for those crap weapons.

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Oh wow, someone dug up this thread.In my opinion we need to be less concerned about them not having a significant number of items available in wvw that you can simply purchase off the trading post or snag at your home instance, and be more concerned with items that force significant pve grinding. (Typically the account-bound pre-living world stuff, like elegy mosaics and ley line crystals.)

~ Kovu

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