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Looking for LGBT+ / LGBT+ friendly guild on Ring of Fire [EU] server


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SWGM (hence the reason I have time to play --> hence the reason I'm single) in his 40's looking for LGBT+ oriented (or LGBT+ friendly) guild to join. I play PvE and WvW mostly, but would really much like to get into Fractals and Raids, though I must confess I'm not that good of a player... but, one's gotta do what one's gotta do because of Legendaries, right? Also up for different kind of guild missions & activities.

I'd prefer talkative and helpful, down to earth guild, as I see myself as talkative and helpful person also. Mix of younger and older players would be nice as well.

I play at Ring of Fire [EU] server, mostly during weekends because I work & study, but I log in daily to see if something special is going on.

HMU (Kainan Nuallain) in-game and tell me a bit about your guild, and we'll see if I've found my virtual group to belong to!

Thanks, and C ya in-game!

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World doesn't matter in gw2, unless you intend to play WvW

Raids, Fractals, open world, etc, are all conflated inside a megaserver that meshes all worlds together, so really the only place where you world matters is in WvW, where the worlds are actually pitted against each other

As for a guild, raid/fractal training, and taking on account the World thing, feel free to join QQC :>We're an LGBT friendly guild with players all over EU, and a really chill community

Feel free to check out the discord so we can meet you and send you the invite :>https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/75684/eu-pve-qqc-quirky-quaggan-collective-your-new-quaggan-home-3

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