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Thank you for respecting my time

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This seems like a bit of a weird thing to say, but I think it's worth saying.

Over the last few weeks I've mentioned on numerous occasions that I've not gotten the skyscale yet (just finished the feeding/toys/treats phase) and that the time gating has not been a problem for me because my real life is far more effective at stopping me from playing through content quickly. I recently realised that each time I said that I was preparing to deal with two types of responses which always seem to happen when I mention having less time for a game than other people, especially when I say it online. One along the lines of "Well if you barely play you shouldn't be doing X anyway, stick to the absolute most basic low-level content." And the other along the lines of "I work 40 hours a week, home school my 3 kids, coach a semi-professional sports team on the weekend and I still have time to play 8 hours a day so I really don't know what you're doing with your life".

But this time around I was pleasantly surprised to see that neither of those happened. I know "No one insulted me for having other interests" seems like an odd thing to be pleased about, but this is the internet. (And on the other side I've only seen two comments putting down people who were able to get the skyscale quickly, which is two too many but still less than I'd expect on other sites.)

So yeah. Thank you for respecting that different people have different priorities and get though things at different speeds. :) Looking forward to joining you all in the skies above Tyria once Alzaranth is all grown up.

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