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Possible New Weapon Set for Pvp this summer?


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@"Ben Phongluangtham.1065" didn't want to go off topic in the other thread, but i did however wanted to ask you a few things if possible?

1: Is the new pvp weapon set going to look better then the Mistforged Obsidian set?

2: Is there any chance for the Spvp hardcore players to get a legendary trinket at some point?

3: Is there a way you guys can add better "reward" track for the hardcore players that spam rank all day long?(unique track for rank only players?)

Just a few of the many things i wanted to discus with you about, however I know at times you aren't able to share or comment on certain things so i'm hoping 1 out of the 3 questions i had can be talked about a bit or explained as to why not.

Either way thank you for sharing some information in the other thread and thank you for taking the time of day to talk to us :).

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