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[Suggestion] Wardrobe instance

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Hello friends, sorry I didn't come up with better name of this topic but I will do my best to explain it to you.

Doesn't matter if you are human from Tyria or creature from Underworld, we all love fashion.Wardrobe is nice, you can preview every armor and weapon even though you don't have it unlocked but there is few very important things you can't preview…..infusions, auras and footsteps of legendary weapons, now even legendary trinkets and you can't properly try dyes unless you dont already have that skin.

So my idea is, why don't we have some special instance for all people who like to spend hours trying new skins and dyes just like we have instance where we can for hours practice our rotations and try new builds?

It can be very similar to that, you enter the instance where you can try any skin, any infusion and any dye and actually try it for free. Just change your look and you can move arround the instance and see if you like the animation how armor moves, footsteps and skill animations of legendary weapons, infusions and so on. Even with skins you don't have unlocked. When you are happy with your look, you can go farm all those skins and golds for infusions because when you leave this instance, it will be ugly you again just like you was before you entered the instance.

While I know this would be a lot of and probably even more work for devs I think its something that most people in this game would like to have.

I also know that some ppl will say that they also need to actually have stats they want to try at golem…yes I know but other people can make build and benchmark for you but not many people can do character theme for you.

Thank you all for your thoughts.

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It's been suggested several times over the years. I'd love it to happen!

The one thing you left out was lighting. The instance should have a variety of day/night/climate light areas. It would probably not be feasible to offer every possible lighting effect in the game, but getting the main ones that a character is likely to be in most would help a lot.

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