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Please update places like Caer Aval, Order HQ, Amnoon Offices to reflect current world state


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Should it not be Logan, not a ghost (as in someone who is supposed to be dead) as the Pact marshal right now? Also I find it amusing that NPC's in your order HQ may refer to Claw Island as a recent event still.

Sure, things like these are minor, but they also can't be that much work to keep up in sync with your characters state when we are far past those events (especially when it is in an instance).

I also think it is kind of weird that Amnoon for example has two instances that are used in story, but also accessible outside of it, only when it is accessed in the latter case all you get is bunch of uninteractable NPC's standing around (ie. what is the point of being able to access such skeleton instance at all when the story clearly uses different versions of these).

I also don't like the new trend of NPC's that have a "Talk" interact prompt but have nothing hooked up for it... in these instances why isn't the generic "Greet" there instead (of course I'd probably prefer a short one liner Talk interaction like older content). To me at least these unresponsive characters feel broken.

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