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Beetle Locked and skyscale locked - No exp

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@"goldeffectz.8196" said:I know that the skyscale was updated to gain exp while it is locked,Not exactly. The skyscale mastery track was hidden until you acquire the skyscale.

i still have the beetle locked on my account as well ... I am just curious if this can be changed or do i NEED to unlock the beetle so i can earn exp. againNo change was made for the Beetle.Once you've spoken to Gorrik, the mastery track appears and remains locked until you complete acquistion.(To the best of my recollection, the mastery track will not be in the way unless you've spoken to Gorrik about it)

and i am not earning anymore exp for shards.There are plenty of other sources for shards, besides experience.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Spirit_shard

For about a year (~6 months before HoT, ~6 months after) in which XP didn't count for shards for anyone in the game, and yet plenty of shards dropped. Since that time, ANet has added more sources, without doing anything to the original ones.

Roughly speaking, those sources are:

  • Dailies (3)
  • Tomes of Knowledge (1 each, when applied to an L80 character)
  • Champ bags (chance of 1), and virtually any container that drops gear+mats can drop shards (probably 16% chance)
  • Ground chests (e.g. caches or Airship Cargo etc) (chance of 1)
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