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Wardrobe: 'Sword' preview (isn't a sword)

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I was looking at the missing weapon skins in my wardrobe, and came upon this 'Sword' preview. It's not a sword, but appears to be a Mace of a style that I'm unfamiliar with. The 'Sword' is the very first box in the Sword category. I'd post a screenshot, but I don't know how to do that.

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For future reference, you can 'source' all skins yourself from the bank's Wardrobe Storage feature as follows:

  • Open the bank, tab to the wardrobe, and [shift-click] the skin of interest.
  • In the chat field that opens, prepend that "link" with the following /wiki (including the space)
  • Press enter.

That will take you to the relevant wiki page. (Also works for items, colors, MountFits and Outfits, and more. Anything that makes a previewable or clickable link in chat.)

In game, the result for this one is/wiki [] (the lack of text between the brackets suggests it's a bug rather than a missing skin)

For Bonetti's Rapier (two skins below, same column), it would like like this:/wiki [bonetti's Rapier] and produce this linkhttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/index.php?title=Bonetti%27s_Rapier_%28skin%29which in turn would show you how to unlock the skin

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