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2 Questions about Achievement Ascended Gear Rewards

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So I looked up different ascended trinkets and noticed that some are achievement rewards and I was wondering if one would be able to get duplicates of these trinkets to use on different characters, or do I have to send them between my characters?

Another question, are you able to get said trinket back if you've accidentally deleted it or is it now lost forever?

I was specifically looking at the HoTs Act achievements were you get Ascended Marauder RingsThese are the ringsSun, Moon, and StarsAbaddon's CowlJanthir's Gaze

Btw, I don't know if I posted this in the correct category...

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Achievement reward items are permanent and one time only so no duplicate, which mean you have to find another achievement or get new one somewhere using other methods like laurels shop, LW3.

What do you mean by "accidentally", sold to npc vendor, drag it out of your inventory, put it on a character and deleted that character ?. If sold and drag, there is no way to get it back because once you left or logout all buy back items will disappear, drag it out is a one way ticket. The last one however can be saved by support a ticket and ask for a character recovery along with all items that char had at the time of delete.

Those trinkets you list are Amulets not rings.

I suggest save up gold and get at least episode 3 and 4 of LW3 to ease up the matter.

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