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[NA] Returning player looking for (casual | PvE | WvW) guild in Pacific Standard Time zone

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As the title states, I am a returning player. I have both HoT and PoF expansions but have never fully explored either one. I am currently on the Sanctum Of Rall server, however I am willing to realm transfer for a good fit. I tend towards guardian, ranger, thief, and mesmer professions.

I play daily for one to three hours in the evenings/afternoons in Pacific Standard Time zone; my interests are mainly exploration and trying to see new content. I am not fully able to use VoIP since I play while my family is asleep; I will listen to call outs or instructions but will be communicating via text. I have a full-time job and family so my hard core raiding or WvW days are behind me.

I am looking for a group that is laid back and able to work with me so that we can do and see as much as we can together. I am always happy to assist others when and where I can. Hopefully there is a guild that I can call home out there.

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