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Any word on alliances?


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@XenesisII.1540 said:Well a few things about that video...He was mostly talking about the twitch community being appreciative and toxic at the same time and he's tired of it. Thing is if anyone has spent time in any twitch chats you know this is how that community is overall because there are many streamers who promote trolling and toxicity, then those people go to other chats and think it's the normal thing to do, trolling and being toxic for every little thing. There are some clean streams out there, but they have to be highly moderated, and maybe Jawgeous didn't do that? and let it get to him.

This isn't something Anet can do anything about, they don't run twitch, and they already highly moderate their own forums.

Pvp is always going to have toxicity in it, it naturally breathes from competition, it isn't a pillow fighting where you're hitting each other giggling the entire time, which some people apparently think it should be. People need to grow some thick skin in pvp and learn to start ignoring or roll with the toxicity. But even games like league of legends have a huge amount of this and yet has a large player base and audience. If you don't want to deal with that level of toxicity then there's pve to do. There is nothing Anet can do here, there are no redesigns that can break toxicity other than removing all in game chat.

Second part of his rant is about the future of gw2, he hated living story 4 and the future of the game is up in the air, wvw getting alliances but that will not fix the core issues, as he points out that it will go nowhere if balance isn't looked at which I highly agree with. A lot of streamers have already quit gw2, this was just one of the last few who still bothered to stream gw2.

Mighty Teapot is about to quit the game and i kind of wish he does it ASAP seeing that's a massive streamer and maybe they'll try to appease him but i doubt it lol

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@Bristingr.5034 said:

@Usagi.4835 said:warclaw was an unnecessary change (that was welcomed by many for some strange reason)

Not sure where people wanted Warclaw... from what I've heard through chats and forums, everyone didn't want a mount.

That's not true, people asked for more mobility and many called for a mount earlier after mounts were first introduced. It was just more of a surprise that it was sprung on us. Probably would have been less impactful if they let us know they were planning on it and then let it get attached in people minds it was coming. There is always shock on the forums and WvWers are even more prone to the sky is falling. People said gliding could never work and it fit in well to getting around the maps and it added more depth in game play and more reasons to take structures. Take the shrines and that slows them from moving from Garri to SWT, take NWT to slow the response from spawn to Bay. The day we get another replacement for one of the two alpines people will say no one asked for it yet its been on the forums for years.

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