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Request for WvW to get access to Legendary Equipment updates at the same pace as PvE

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WvW is always getting slower updates compared to PvE when it comes to Legendary Equipment.Request for WvW to get access to Legendary Equipment updates obtainable in WvW at the same pace as PvE.

Legendary Weapons First Gen

  • PvE in year 2012?
  • WvW none

Legendary Weapons Second Gen

  • PvE in year 2015?
  • WvW none

Legendary Armor

  • PvE in year May 2017?
  • WvW in year Aug 2017?

Legendary Back Item

  • PvE in year 2016?
  • WvW in year 2017?

Legendary Trinkets

  • PvE in year 2017 & 2019
  • WvW none

Legendary Rings

  • PvE coming soon
  • WvW no news
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"If you want the stuff, play the associated content," seems to be the idea.For what its worth, I agree. There's, on the whole a lot more reason for wvw'ers to go dabble in pve than there is for pve'ers to dabble in wvw.Considering how hilariously difficult it is for pve'ers to access the legendary trinkets, I can't see wvw'ers being granted access anytime soon considering how comparably straightforward wvw is.

~ Kovu

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WvW needs more legendaries for sure, but you are being rather disingenuous with your list. You cannot count raid legendaries as general PvE legendaries. Raids are as different from open world PvE as sPvP is to WvW. Also, all of these legendaries technically require the gift of battle, so you cannot make them with PvE only. The only real PvE gate for the weapons is exploration, and gen 1 can be bought with gold anyway.

Still, OW PvE did get 2 exclusive legendary accessories that need you to play a lot of LW. Those would definitely qualify as OW PvE exclusive legendaries in my book, just like the raid legendary armor and ring are raid exclusive. Also 4 of the gen 2 weapons require lots of PvE achievements, so they are OW PvE legendaries.

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@EremiteAngel.9765 said:

@Ganathar.4956 said:and gen 1 can be bought with gold anyway.

Ironically WvW gold/hour in general is also rather low.Why WvW always lose?

Are we better than PvE in any area?

Not in terms of rewards, that's for sure. WvW needs lots of changes though. It needs better balancing, alliances, a 3rd borderland map for content variety and more. They really need to do this before focusing on rewards. Whenever Anet introduces new rewards it attracts the PvErs to WvW until they get the reward and they realize that they do not like the game mode. Some PvErs will never like WvW, but there are others who would give it a chance if it didn't have so many issues. It is critically important to improve the gameplay before trying to make new rewards.

For gold/hour specifically the Anet devs are probably afraid of bandwagoning being encouraged. Hopefully they will increase gold rewards as soon as alliances hit. Alliances should be able to prevent bandwagoning if Anet implements them correctly.

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More legendary equipment in WvW would be very nice.

But sadly as soon as WvW gets anything shiny, the WvW forum will be flooded by WvWers complaining about the "pve noobs" invading WvW instead of welcoming the influx of new people. And the people who come for the shinies first but would maybe have started to like WvW will be driven away by the toxic behavior of some.

Furthermore the pve forum will be flooded by complaints that they have to do WvW to get a legendary.

If people would respect other playstyles and be more open about other game modes, maybe we would get something cool in WvW as well.

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