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Unused Mastery Points

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Not sure if this was discussed here so i apologize in advance.I was wondering if the extra mastery points will ever be used for anything.I like to hunt for achievement points and some of them give me MP and now i have a bit extra but nothing to put them in as i have maxed out everythingPossible suggest to use each of the MP to have some sort of account wide utility skill for PVE only that might be fun to have on other classes.Thoughts?

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There’s an excess of mastery points to give variety in how you obtain a necessary amount to use. That is the sole purpose for balance. Any other implementation for MP (that would benefit the player) would mean a player needs to obtain as many as possible, or all of them, rather than some of them. There’s no unfair advantage that would work, so there’s no point in adding further purpose to mastery points.

And yes, this has been discussed before. Please use the search function.

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