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Vision of Equipment: Astral Weapons bugged?

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Hi,I had crafted 1 astral weapon when LWS4 Ep1 was released (the astral shield - I still have it in my inventory). I've just crafted 5 more weapons (Astral Mace, Scepter, Warhorn, Torch and Staff), yet the achievement has not been validated. Just to be sure, I crafted a 7th weapon (Focus) in case this only counts weapons crafted after Vision has been added to the game and the achievement is still incomplete. This prevents me from terminating the Visions of Istan collection. Is this achievement bugged?

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Thx for the clear up, I will check at the NPC's for this thing to purchase.

However the achievement clearly states :

Takes effect immediately upon receipt. Craft six astral weapons.Scholar Yasna seeks knowledge and mastery.

There is absolutely 0 mention of having to purchase some additional thing from the NPC. So this appears to be an achievement description issue.

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