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Raid mechanics in the open world

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It's hard to give a good title for this...

So the same way we need that specific class to do a raid boss it would be interesting to be in need of some specific class to reach something for a meta event or to just do even a heart on a new map. The open world content can be done solo easily if you are used to do CMs. The community is something that is strong in Guild Wars 2 and if you make it so that people actually need each other more then now to overcome something in the open world that would make it even better.

So for example:

  • A ranger is the only one who as a pet, and to open a door you need someone to go in a small space that give you acess to a button, a pet could do that or an Asura could do that because they are small;
  • A button that it can only be pushed by a warrior or a Norn because its too heavy;
  • A robot that will open the gate but it need to be fixed so only engineers and Asuras could start event to find the parts for the robot;
  • A few mobs that paralyzes you regardless you are with stability, blocking, traveling (Solar Beam) etc, but the mobs can only paralyze one person at time. So mesmers are the only ones that could make a clone and leave the clone paralyzed and pass throw otherwise someone will have to be left behind;
  • A ritual that only necromancers can start it but in order to start it they will need some ingredients hard to get;

Basically its to inspire players to play with each others and to make classes and races a bit unique in the open world, that inspires also easter eggs, and adventure for players. They know they have to do that they just don't know how to, creativity would shine in this situations, and story tellers will show up during this time.


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