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soulbeast mount "bug"

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when a merged soulbeasts uses a mount attack (both pve or wvw) they will perform the attack, they will re-merge (since dismounting counts as leaving and instantly re-merging)

this works as intended

however what happens is, during the time the soulbeasts dismounts (re-merges, as they were allready merged to begin with) the pet has a 0.5 second window frame to perform a skill without having a cooldown, when it de-merges again

example i fought today a soulbeast, he was using greatsword axe/horn

he gets the jump on me, ni get hit by warclaw attack no big deal. the animation happens, during that animation i got hit by charge (12 sec cd) charge did not complete fully as it was within the auto re-merge, still took the damage and the daze (as i didn't expect that ton happen at all) he instantly de-merges, i get hit by charge again!!!!! swaps to smokescale and does his stuff

i won the fight in the end

but to me this sounds like unintended gameplay

the instant merg( despite allready being merged) can be exploited in such a wayand it doesn't affect cooldown apparantly

can someone verify this?

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