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Wizard hat needs hair.

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Upvoting wont make any difference to implementation on this issue. There have been tons of threads over the years about it - they will know it's something many want. I'm not saying don't feed back, but weight of opinion isn't the issue. It's going to come down to whether they can make it work

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They could do something similar to what Elder Scrolls Online does - instead of trying to fit hats over every hairstyle in the game each hat has 2 or 3 generic hairstyles which go with it. Which one you get depends on the hair you've chosen, so if you've got any of the curly/afro hair styles then you see a little bit of that sticking out under the hat, if you've got long straight hair then you see a little bit looking like it's tied up under the hat and if you've got short hair you just see a kind of fringe around the edge.

It might be difficult to do with sylvari where the different styles are much more distinctive because they use different shaped leaves, or branches. (And then there's the mushroom cap, I think they'd have to ignore that one.) but even having different shaped leaves poking out would look better than being bald just because you've got a cap on.

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