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Herald: Draconic Echo Causes Bug

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Facet of Nature: True Nature removes more stacks of Rising Momentum and Hardening Persistence than intended when using the trait Draconic Echo.It removes 2 stacks when activated (which is fine) but another 2 stacks when the Facet of Nature Effect (Prolonged by Draconic Echo) runs out (after 6 seconds).

In the Enclosed

you can see that it is functioning properly in the beginning without Draconic Echo, but on the Second Activation of True Nature after the Effect of "Facet of Nature" wears off (after 6 seconds) I lose an Additional 2 Stacks of Rising Momentum and Hardening Persistence which makes no sense because I now only have 1 Stack of both left eventhough I actively use 3 Upkeep points to maintain the Utility Facet Skills, I regain those Stacks in the Video by swapping said Traits back and forth, to further Clarify what I'm talking about here.

Eventhough I haven't been able to reproduce it properly, I am pretty sure mounting and dismounting while having active facets can mess with those stacks aswell, don't quote me on that though.

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