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[NA] [SEA/AUS/OCX] [PvE/PvX] [SoS] Midway [mWAY] is recruiting!


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Midway [mWAY] is looking for members!

EVERYONE WELCOME: New and returning players welcome!TIGHT-KNIT: The guild never exceeds more than 150 pax in order to develop a tight-knit community. We will close up the recruitment once we've reached the pax limit once again.CASUAL: No strict representation requirements, no strict events or attendance schedules, no strict activity requirements. Being spontaneous is our middle name!LAID-BACK: Real life comes first.TIMEZONE: Play on NA server during AWST/SEA/OCE timezones (happy to welcome players from other timezones who are active during our time). Quick note that our community has a large Aussie and South East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore) based players.PVE FOCUSED: Story Mode, Map completion, Dungeons, Fractals, Guild Missions, Meta Events and more. If possible, a number of veterans do daily Tier 4 Fractals together around our active playtime.WVW: As we are much PvE focused, we do have a main WvW server to play together which is Sea of Sorrows. We do spontaneous roams and tag ups.DISCORD: Active Discord used for voice chat, text chat, events, notices, announcements & much more.

Please pm/mail Glaceon,.4513 in game or YuunaTuna#3900 on discord for an invite or further information about the guild.My side peeps to pm to if you can't reach out to melediana.2674/ AlifTan.1743 / XyzMinstrel.1803/ himekohimura.10878

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