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Eligibility: Dextrous Dodger disappears arbitrarily

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The Dextrous Dodger achievement from this episode seems to be a bit dodgy.I have completed the episode six times so far and my experiences are as follows:

  • The first time I did not pay attention to when I lost eligibility.
  • During attempts 2 to 5 I lost eligibility the very moment the first set of traps was summoned. While it is theoretically possible that a trap was summoned directly under my feet each time it certainly does not seem very likely (and it would certainly make this achievement a random success more than anything else).
  • Attempt 6 was the first where I was not the mission owner, and that was a partial success: I did not lose eligibility at the usual time. However, I lost it the very moment the final boss died at a time when I was very certain to have the achievement in the bag since there would be no new traps. No achievement was awarded.So, when I am the mission owner I lose eligibility automatically at the first possible moment, if I am not I keep eligibility but it amounts to nothing. At this point I feel like the achievement can not be working as intended.
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