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Account skins issue anet assistance?

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Many people unlocked exclusive character starter skins before anet introduced the account wide skins thing. If you go into wardrobe and look at skins you had before this introduction you can see some skins you've had are not unlocked :(

I used a few wardrobe unlocks and it unlocked some skins I had previously. The skins I was mainly noticing were the class starting skins. Example : For a mesmer you can choose 3 kinds of masques a harlequin, a phantom, and a fanged. I had many of these skins unlocked when I made my characters, but like I said that was before anet introduced wardrobes.

The question I have is if anet can add a vendor who lets you buy your classes starter skins.I had to make and delete and remake characters to re-unlock these skins. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Biography

Here is a link that shows the skins I am talking about ^

It took a while and I wasn't wardrobe unlock a few times getting skins I had before wardrobe was made :/

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