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[[NA – PvX – Lvl 69]] Well established social guild looking include more to [STAR]buck


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Hello and welcome!

~ We are currently accepting players of all skill levels to join our well established, warm community of gamer friends. ~

In addition to being pretty cool and down-to-earth people, we’ve got some perks. Here’s a list of some that may interest you:

The "Don’t Be A Dingus" rule of respect==========================

  • We accept any and all players regardless of their gender, race, skill level and orientation – INSIDE and OUT of the game. We don’t care if you’re a purple, bisexual panda who likes to wear Ugg boots and onion spray… if you’re a decent person, you’re cool in our books.

Although we do strive for a discrimination-free zone we do have to ask that new members to be a minimum of 18+ years old. Topics in guild chat are unfiltered, uncensored and most certainly not always appropriate for younger audiences.

Guild events========

  • Weekly Guild Missions with RAFFLES and prizes!

    **Our aim is to complete all the missions to obtain personal level credit for members who join us.

  • Weekly Fractal Training.

  • Weekly Dungeon/ Fractals.

  • Occasional special events with extreme fun times and often great prizes on offer!

  • We currently have open opportunities to run additional events for any member of any rank who would like to step up and organize one.

The Cool Extra Stuffs==============

  • Our guild is max level and has completed all upgrades, which means you get sweet boosts for just being with us.

  • A friendly and active Discord server.

  • Well-maintained resourceful websites at... http://starbuckguild.com and http://guildwars2.rocks

  • Unusually charming and attractive members (Not all are single, though. Sorry.)

"What do I need to become a member?"==========================

  • We have no requirements other than being a person of age, owning a computer and a copy of the game.

  • You may be of any skill level.

  • There are no repping requirements.

How to join us=========

Send either an in-game mail or private message directly to one of the following people:

Katubug.6378 (Leader) You can send a reddit message to this user if you need to

Geneva.3140 (Co-Leader)

Fexmeif.9564 (Officer)

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