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Why is this game so grindy and time-gated?

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@Cristalyan.5728 said:

@Rasimir.6239 said: .......@Taygus.4571 said: .........@"Voltekka.2375" said: ....

I analyzed my playstile and based on that I posted my opinion supporting the OP point of view against the time gates. For me a game without time gates can give me the feeling of freedom of action. I can play for a goal as long as I want. More time in one day. Less time (or even zero time) for the same goal in other day. But in that way I consider you can fell that you decide when to do something and how much time you spend for that something. The gates prevent this.

You disagreed but, even by reading carefully your posts I wasn't able to see arguments other than: "Gates are good" / the gates are ingame, so keep them because are good / you cannot handle something for free (this is hilarious - the time needed for 7880 tickets is nothing?) etc.

To make sure I understand your point of view (and keeping the debate in the legendary WvW armor realm) , please, tell us in what way canceling the time gates will negatively affect
your personal
playstile and the enjoyment of playing GW2.

Please don't post how you think that this can affect ANet income/playerbase/etc. Also, please don't post how you think this may affect
other players experience
. Please tell us how this can affect
your personal

Timegates serve to on average:

  • ensure people play longer.

  • people burn out less.

  • Adds realism to some things (growing the skyscale for example)

  • transfers gold from the lazy to the playing.

  • makes you feel presured to do everything before reset.

  • breaks realism sometimes.

  • annoys people who want everything as fast as possible

Their might be other things but from the ones i thought of their are both positive and negative

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