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Junundu Rising not giving bonus boxes

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I've done this event twice now, once before reset on Jun 4th and again after reset on Jun 5th. Sulfur went fine, but as the groups split to take on Awakened and Forged, I went to the Awakened tower. I looted both the box from the tower as well as the Forged base camp and nary a bonus box did I see. I thought it might be bugged the first time, so wanted to see if I could replicate my results. I, sadly, did. I haven't tried going to the Forged camp, but I'm almost betting that either the people who go there get their boxes, OR in a twist of cruel fate, one must tag mobs in both locations to obtain bonus loot. If I could get an answer on this, it would be great. I plan on doing the Forged event when I am able (it's after 1am as I write this, and I need to sleep) and see what the result is. If I have to tag mobs at both locations, maybe someone could reply to this and let people know that it's not in fact a bug.

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It is not supposed to its not in the event rotation.https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/weeklong-bonus-event-meta-event-rush/

OrrCathedral of Glorious Victory—Defeat the Risen Priest of Balthazar before it can summon a horde of Risen.Cathedral of Zephyrs—Defeat the possessed statue of Dwayna.Cathedral of Eternal Radiance—Kill the Corrupted High Priestess.Temple of Melandru—Defend the Pact interrupter device while it charges to cleanse the temple.Temple of Grenth—Cover Keeper Jonez Deadrun as he performs the cleansing ritual.Gates of Arah—Defeat the Risen High Wizard and secure the Promenade of the Gods.

AscalonDrakin Cinderspire—Defeat the fire shaman and his minions.

Maguuma WastesMordrem Vinewrath—Defeat the Mordrem Vinewrath’s champion (meta-event must succeed).

Heart of Maguuma (Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™)Against the Chak Gerent—Destroy the chak gerent before it reaches the cannon (meta-event must succeed).Against the Mouth of Mordremoth—Defeat the Mouth of Mordremoth.

Crystal Desert (Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire)Serpents’ Ire—Defeat Ysshi Hessani and Pek Rakt Grag.Maws of Torment—Defeat the Legendary Forged Demolisher.The Path to Ascension—Shift beyond reality to confront the crazed doppelganger.Casino Blitz—Stop the choya pinata before it gets away!

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@dreadedkitty.3024 said:Ahhh... Thanks. Weird that all those other events count and suddenly people are doing Junundu Rising again.

It's because the loot drops for the PoF meta's where adjusted and now they're more worth it...same goes for Serpent's Ire and the Maw, which is why more are doing it(besides Serprent's and the Maw being part of the Event, there was an increase in people doing those before the event as well).

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