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MacOS 64-bit - eGPU not used?

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Is there anyone running the MacOS 64-bit client who enjoys a higher FPS with an eGPU than without?My 2018 Mac mini (3.0Ghz i5 6-core) is suffering from the same 10-20fps when using just the Intel UHD 630 as when using an old RX 460-2GB eGPU. I've tried different eGPU-display connections, setting the prefer eGPU checkbox on finder's get-info... nada. Unigine Valley benchmarks suggest I should be seeing a 3x improvement, but GW2 doesn't seem to benefit.

So... can anyone confirm that eGPUs provide any benefit for GW2 in MacOS? If so was there anything special you had to do to make that work?

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