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What new cosmetic reward would you look forward to obtaining in WvW the most? ?❓

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What new cosmetic reward would you look forward to obtaining in WvW the most? ?

REASON: To have some fun on the forums and discuss enjoyable rewards preferably obtained in-game as opposed to gemstore-only.

Currently, WvW has some unique rewards players can obtain within the game mode. Typically, these are armor + weapon skins, legendary backpack skin, warclaw mount, titles and the odd dolyak minipet etc.

Below is a list of possible (and perhaps a bit far fetched) WvW cosmetic rewards that players might like to see implemented in-game in the future, please choose your favorite. Reminder that these would be cosmetic only (no p2w/advantages in-game).

OPTION 10 ADDITIONAL INFO: "Ultimate Raider / Ultimate Liberator titles" (these were old/early testing period EoTM 'CBT' titles, replaced by achievements yet never used in-game. Would complete the "holy trinity of WvW titles" aka capture (raider) + defend (liberator) + player kill (dominator) akin to Ultimate Dominator; 250k player kills... however, maybe lowered to 100k for capture/defend objectives according to gw2 efficiency leaderboards? In other words, within reasonable number to achieve long-term.)

Since polls only allow 10 options, you are welcome to state below if you would rather "I do not look forward to obtaining any future cosmetic rewards in WvW". ?

Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves, tell us your favorite! Please keep discussion civil. ✔️

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What I'd like to see:

  • Various siege skins. I have extremaly deep pockets but siege skins is a thing I'd definitely spend money on. A small thing but would make WvW way more varying.
  • New WvW-themed finishers. We didn't see any new finishers for a loooooong time now, not to mention WvW ones (the 1st and last WvW finisher was the tournament dolyak, right?)
  • Structural skins is a cool idea. I'm sure we'll never see it, but a guild-related effect for an objective like snowfall would be cool. Our CPUs are dead already anyway.
  • Various gizmos, like Guild Banners would be nice as a small rewards from a vendor

What I don't want to see:

  • Outfits are boring and we have so many of them already. Can't see them on enemies anyway.
  • Infusions are visual cancer and they don't show up on basic enemy models used by most of us anyway.
  • Warclaw skins is no brainer and ANet probably already has some ready to release.
  • We can't use chairs in WvW anyway so what's the point of that.
  • Hardly anybody cares about titles, combat tonics prevent the use of Warclaw so a big no-no unless they fix that.
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@DemonSeed.3528 said:

@sephiroth.4217 said:I would love more finishers to work on.

Maybe trebs finisher could be to treb the dead body away lel

What if the treb just launched their body straight into the ground? suuuhh--massshhoh yeah, and have their legs sticking out of the ground

Even cooler if it launched the body into the air, and then the defeated player sees the waypoint loading screen.

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Can I pick all of these?! These are all amazing suggestions and I hope to see them someday!

There is so much potential for addition rewards for WvW, both in game and gem store. I would love to get a WvW infusion as I never play PvE anymore and hate that all the infusions are linked to PvE content so you can never really work towards getting them unless you get a random drop from a holiday reward track. A WvW themed chair would be great, even if we can't use it in WvW anyway. There is nothing wrong with having a little prestiage to show off in PvE world. A WvW combat tonic would be great.

I think the siege/tower skins would probably be better put in the Black Lion store. I know its a bummer to say but thats personally something I think people would spend gems on. It'd be nice if they'd release some unlockable skins in WvW then toss some nicer ones in the gem store, but considering they haven't done that with Gliding or Mounts I don't see it happening with siege and tower skins. Finishers are in the game boat as this.

All of these suggestions are fabulous and I hope that Anet continues to implement them into WvW because the more reasons we have to play a gamemode the better. Right now I have about 6K tournament tickets just sitting in my wallet with nothing to spend on. Hurry anet!

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