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Why does Vision have to cancel out Aurora?

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I appreciate the events and updates that are happening right now, and I believe it's quite smart as it brings dead maps and metas alive again. BUT.

Why does Vision have to cancel out Aurora effects?

We worked hard for Aurora, and now we're working hard for Vision. But really? Why can't it have separate effects to be appreciated on its own.

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Vision has the exact same effect as Aurora on its own. If it didn't change to a new effect entirely, you would have either 6 balls in a mess over your character or, since the animation and graphics are the same, a complete overlay of the 2 anyway which essentially is what Vision + Aurora does whilst producing a new effect

There is an argument it could have been something completely different and not 3 floaty balls, but that ship has sailed now and it is what it is. I imagine they did it this way to appease those who wanted Aurora's effects on another toon (if that was the reason, this was prob the least sensible way to achieve that..)

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