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Skyscale care

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Hi everyone :)

I seems like encountered into a problem with finishing the achievement. Being curious got me into a trouble when I was done with the Skyscale treats achievement and fed everything to my hatchling at once (well, I wanted to know what would happen ^^). Now, it looks like I can't get more food from monsters to feed my starving one day to be a skyscale. Did anyone have this problem? How can I solve it?

Thanks ^^

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the food you get from Monsters is skyscale treats. You can feed all of these in one go..then thats it.

You have to craft(or buu off tp) the food that fills him and you can only gove him 4 per day

"Skyscale CareCombine 25 Bloodstone Dust, 5 Globs of Ectoplasm, 2 Slabs of Red Meat, and 1 Charged Quartz Crystal to make the Skyscale Food. You'll need 12 of these — you can buy from the TP or get the total 300 Bloodstone, 60 Ecto, 24 Red Meat, and 12 Charged Quartz.

Take the food to Sun's Refuge to feed the hatchling. Feed the hatchling 3 times. (3/12)"


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